Bogie component

Forges de Fresnes manufactures and markets parts that fit the brake rigging of a freight wagon in addition to brake beams.

Connecting rods, brake levers, connectors, link rods, beams: all these forged and machined parts make up complete sets deliverable directly on the bogie assembly line.

Beside usual systems (60 kN/S or 120 kN/S), Forges de Fresnes also offers specific solutions, fulfilling all requirements of the UIC (Railway International Union) and railway networks.

The equipment is finished according to wear requirements  with AG/AGG bushes in France, DIN bushes or by high frequency quenching.

We have appropriate global, technical and logistics solutions for every situation
from mass production of new wagons to reconditioning of a few bogies.

Passenger bogie and locomotive components

Forges de Fresnes has developed a highly specialized know-how regarding safety parts for motor and trailor bogies equipping high speed trains (France, Spain, USA, Korea) and passenger trains throughout Europe.

We realize forging, heat treatment and machining on CNC machining centres for many major components such as straight or twisted coupling rods, levers for stabilizer rods, etc.