To serve you better...

To serve you better...

Strong with its fourfold skills in Forging, Heat treatment, Machining and Welding,  Forges de Fresnes can design, manufacture and sell steel safety parts for railway, marine, off-shore and industrial applications.            

Approved by all major railway networks and by international inspection agencies for marine products, Forges de Fresnes brings creativity, quality, safety and service to its customers throughout the world.

With its proven experience and focusing on international markets, Forges de Fresnes can truly handle all your specific needs in your home market.

Railway activity

The railway bogie is a major technical device that enhances the safety, reliability and comfort of a train. Forges de Fresnes fulfills all these requirements in the design, manufacture and inspection of forged parts for freight, passenger and traction vehicles.

Beyond the brake beam which has already created its international success, Forges de Fresnes has also developed a comprehensive range of forged components (rods, levers, connectors …)

Marine & Industry

As a partner of chain manufacturers in France and Europe, Forges de Fresnes supplies joining shackles type Kenter and Ramfor™, both for ships and offshore drilling platforms.

Our experience of railway safety gives our customers a high level of quality at all steps of manufacturing, finishing and inspection of products.

Forging, machining and welding equipment allow Forges de Fresnes to design, manufacture and assemble components for various industries such as mechanical engineering, trucks, agriculture, etc...