Brake beam

The brake beam, a critical safety component, is where Forges de Fresnes has acquired its longstanding worldwide reputation.

Forges de Fresnes has developed its proprietary hot stamping assembly process which makes its forged brake triangles safer and more cost effective than any other technology.

With this key advantage, its most demanding worldwide customers entrust Forges de Fresnes in both newbuilt and replacement markets.

Our technical department serves the triple expectation of our customers: speed, reduced weight and overall dimensions. The light brake triangle has been developed in this view of reducing the weight of the brake beam and accordingly of the bogie, limiting noise emissions and thus optimizing the product for the customer.


A complete product range, suited to your needs

Simple, strong and economic, the forged brake beam is the answer to most payloads, to all networks gauge requirements, to standard or specific designs for conventional or most recent bogies.