Forges de Fresnes produces chain accessories for the anchorage of merchant, passenger or navy ships or for the fastening of offshore platforms. We realize forging, heat-treatment and machining of parts in a very large size range of rod diameters, from 16 mm up to 127 mm.

From traditional KENTER design to special shapes such as RAMFOR™, we offer joining shackles suitable for many loads, for grades 3, 4 and 5.

Approved by the major inspection and certification bodies, we can also perform the traction tests of your chains on our 1000 ton proving bench.

RAMFORTM is a Forges de Fresnes registered trademark


Our customers in industry (mechanical engineering, trucking, agriculture machinery…) benefit from our large equipment range (hammers from 1200 to 6300 kg/m, 1600 tonnne screw press) and our longstanding experience in Railway and Marine activities. 

Forging skill is completed by the know-how in machining (machining centers, lathes…), in welding and inspection, supported by a comprehensive number of certifications.

Production range include components from 1 kg to over 50kg, in volumes from unitary parts to mass production. Forges de Fresnes’ main objective is to combine an appropriate and cost effective solution, together with the best service, so as to maximize customer satisfaction.